Your Home or Apartment


Reasons to work with an interior designer or decorator:

1. It's the first time you’re setting up your own place, and the family’s donated some old furniture.  You’re figuring out what else you need, and how to make it fresh and reflect who you are.

2. You're moving in together as a couple, and discovering how different your styles and tastes are, along with what you have and want to use.

3. You’ve made the decision to move to a bigger house, a smaller condo,  or you are adding-on,  or renovationing what you have.

4. There is a new baby coming (congratulations!)  and it's time to figure out where the nursery will be (in the home office or guest bedroom?), and then what to do for a work space or guests...

 5. Or you notice your kids are growing up... not jumping on the furniture or using markers on the walls.. and realize it's time to freshen up. 

6. Maybe it’s just a moment of inspiration:  a party next month, a newly-inherited couch, a fancy for more color, or a commitment to a more minimal life style ....

The reason to contact me:

I love all kinds of challenges - from the simple dilemma that can be solved in a few hours, to the more complicated project that may take time and alternative solutions.  Working with  clients is  a creative and collaborative experience.


A Possibility Revealed...

BEFORE: A spare guest room, in both sense of the wordAFTER: the guest bed becomes a fun area for lounging or snuggling!

New accessories can also change the function of a room. Take a quiet guest room, arrange lots of pillows on the bed, and you have  a library or a TV den, with a great space to lounge.