What’s it all about?

Redecorate: A comfortable living room Redecorate: a lovely sidetable


Your Rooms

When we meet,  I'll  learn about  your rooms - how well they  please you and  how well they function.    There may be practical considerations -  like pets and children.  Storage requirements - like a tv.   So we'll  discuss  your needs and your style .  What feels comfortable?  What defines a liveable room for you?  Many people have an inherent aesthetic about them, and many are drawn to a specific tone or feel.   Are you artistic?  funky?  contemporary?   classical?  country?  bohemian?  into ethnic fusion?   Have you collected pictures from magazines for years ?  Or is it more  that you know what you don't want.


During a typical design session, I will provide:

  • an analysis of of the “shell” — the walls, windows, floors and lighting — as well as recommendations for paint colors, window treatments, floor finishes, lighting fixtures and more.
  • a review of furniture for comfort, purpose and placement.  It’s not unusual for me  to suggest moving and rearranging furniture during the session.  Advice can be given on slipcovers and re-upholstering .   If thinking about new furniture ,  I  can suggest what's available in local stores or could be custom built.
  • a consideration of artwork and other collections so the room is accessorized in a pleasing and harmonious way.
  • notes summarizing discussion and recommendations. This is presented at the end of the session and serves as a blueprint for projects we may continue together, or that the client can do on his/her own.



You may already be working with a contractor -  and realize there are lots of design decisions to be made about new materials - especially in a kitchen or a bathroom.  I can reduce the stress by helping you maintain your style and budget.    Our  decoration process could  also focus on  integrating  old rooms with new,  from color schemes to reusing or updating furniture.  

My Talented Colleagues

At times, my work requires a partner for specific projects.  I have an expert for hanging artwork.  I collaborate with  talented workroom that makes a full range of window treatments.  I have a great upholsterer, and know the best carpet layer and faux painter.   I have a favorite kitchen and bathroom designer.  And I would be happy to recommend a number of   expert interior painters ,  and reliable  small and large contractors.