For Realtors

Open House

Helping your clients prepare to show their homes is a complex challenge. Whether you are sponsoring an Open House or arranging private viewings, the condition of the interior is a deciding factor for most buyers.  It can be hard for homeowners to assess their property objectively and make  decisions about clutter, repairs,  and the overall presentation.

 I can represent a fresh eye, working with your clients to accentuate  all the positives of their homes, and neutralize others.  I’ll suggest ways to rearrange rooms to optimize the appearance of spaciousness and warmth.  I can recommend  small accessories  to  catch the eye.  Brokers report that homes sell far more quickly and for a better price after they have been redecorated. ( This process can also be referred to as "staging")

AFTER: a cozy, fanciful, and warm bedroom

A Transformed Bedroom

This bed made the room  stiff and intimidating.  I added  a few accessories for warmth and color.   The clients were  delighted that they could use the pillows and linens  in their next home.