Moving from one home to another can be very stressful, especially if your space is shrinking. It’s tough to visualize how to incorporate your furniture, your favorite pieces of art, your lifestyle, and there are bound to be overwhelming questions about what to keep, what to store, what to pass on. As  a redecorator, I  redesign spaces by reworking the ingredients. Redecorating a home means I can cast a fresh eye on all of the pieces and their functional applications.

Downsizing and divorce

One recent client was not only going thru a divorce,  but forced to move from a large, three-floor Victorian to a small, two-floor condo. The experience was tumultuous. The client was unable to imagine what furniture would fit and where. Many pieces had strong emotional value, which made it difficult to think about leaving them.

Downsizing, BEFORE: Bare walls and an empty fireplaceDownsizing, AFTER: a cozy gathering place

I  reviewed both locations before the move, made measurements and drew up detailed plans. It was great to discover how many pieces would fit and the client  could use my plans to direct the movers for set-up.  Then I helped her hang her  artwork and arrange her accessories.  She feels delighted in her new home.