Client Testimonials

The Room Therapist has received the "Angie's List Super Service Award" for Interior Design and Decorating, for 9 years in a row - from 2006 to 2014, for the Boston/and surrounding areas.  These reports are directly from that list.


 We very much enjoyed working with Sarah.  We accomplished a lot in the 2 hour interior design consultation.  We were able to go room by room in the house and discuss room layout, color choices, lighting, etc.  Much of what we achieved with Sarah was ultimately a validation of our own design choices.  However, Sarah was especially good in our circumstances with helping my wife and me get to a consensus on some areas of design disagreement and in weighing in with her own views about how we might improve upon our design choices.  
Many of the other design folks whom we consulted with before engaging Sarah were a lot pricier and/or wanted to do a much deeper, more involved engagement (that would cost a lot more money and was simply unnecessary in our case).  In our particular circumstances, Sarah was the perfect fit, and we would not hesitate to recommend her. 



Sarah was exactly what I was looking for - someone who would give me her expert input, but would not mind being overruled. She's got many good ideas. Like anyone, sometimes I didn't agree with her ideas, but most of the time she was on target. I'm continuing to use her on an ongoing basis. She had help in areas I didn't expect, such as who to use for cabinetry and for landscape design. She's very pleasant and unassuming. I highly recommend her.


JULY  2013

She was great about providing us with suggestions, bolstering our confidence as we decided to make changes, and having an excellent vision and expert advice to keep us going in the right direction.  She was excellent at listening to both of us and helping us navigate through differences in opinion about room functionality and styling details.  I am so excited about the changes we're making, and we have already ordered furniture and started moving things.  Her professional eye and furniture suggestions took a lot of the guess-work out of the decision making, made the process much quicker, and gave us better results.  Spending the money on Sarah probably saved us money on unhappy purchasing decisions in the long run.  We'd never used an interior designer before, but I am so thankful we read the reviews here and chose Sarah to consult with us and help us make some changes to get a more functional space! 




It couldn't have gone better. Sarah came in to my house with an open mind and let me make all the decisions. She spent a few hours at my place and we came up with a couple page plan that I have been executing the past few weeks. She has been available to answer additional questions I've had. She's been very responsive and is a pleasure to work with. I'm sure that some in her trade charge thousands of dollars more for the same service, and her taste/insight is second to none. Hire Sarah to help you decorate your place - it will be the best decision you'll make this year :)


MAY 2012


We were having a color emergency! We had hired a painter who was going to paint sections of our home while we were on vacation. We had scheduled the job a couple of months in advance. Our painting company had left a huge collection of Benjamin Moore paint chips with us... It was the day before the painters were going to start and we hadn't chosen our colors yet... we really needed help. Our painter recommended Sarah and I called her right away. Sarah came over on a Sunday afternoon to help us and we had a ball. She walked through our house, then brought in big boards painted in different colors. We worked our way through the house, and we ended up choosing colors I had never thought of and couldn't love more! Sarah was responsive, punctual, but really at the heart of it, truly talented. That is what blew us away. She has a knack and just picked the right colors and made the spaces sing. It's something I am not good at so truly appreciated her advice and guidance. We will likely consult with Sarah again and look forward to it!

 JANUARY  2009

" Our house is a gut rehab that needed a mountain of decisions to be made.  We had three sessions with Sarah and she expertly guided our decisions about paint colors, granite countertop choice and lighting choice. She brought many color boards to the house, which made all the difference in choosing. She let us keep the boards at the house, so we could evaluate the shifting colors throughout the day and evening. She advised us with choosing the kitchen countertop, and I feel we could have easily chosen one of the "wrong" countertops without her. One of the best decisions she made for us was lighting. We gave her some ideas, and she came back with a particular design she found on the web. That design became the core of many of our lights in our living/kitchen area.  Highly recommended for anyone who is aesthetically-challenged!"   D. Om


 APRIL 2007

"I was nervous about having a decorator, as both our home and furnishings are quite modest. She took us as we were, however, and never made me feel awkward or uncomfortable. She focused on advising us on how to use what we had, so we did not have to spend extra money."   A.  Merriman



MAY 2006

"My husband and I are thinking of putting our home on the market so we wanted to do a few changes to make it more appealing to prospective buyers. After Sarah viewed our rooms she began moving furniture from one location to another. Before I knew it the rooms came to life. I'm working on talking with my husband as to whether we sell or stay. Sarah's made me more pleased with what we already have!"  M.  Hutton


NOV  2005

She really listened to me, and absorbed and processed what I wanted by watching me react to her suggestions. She was clear, calm, and fast.   J. Clark


MAR 2004

 When Sarah helped me to move from a 12 room house to a 6 room apartment, the reduction in my stress alone made her service worth more than every penny of her very reasonable fee.

In the morning, she photographed and measured the empty apartment. After lunch we walked slowly through the old house with a tape measure and a note pad.  Selecting from my favorite pieces, listening carefully to my ideas, Sarah put together six new graceful, colorful, balanced rooms. A few days later I received notes and detailed drawings of each.  I slept at night instead of fretting about “what would go where”

Moving day was a breeze. My new place is lovely, full of things I thought I’d have to leave behind. Sarah is sensitive and thoughtful, yet fast, focused on my needs and wishes while gently suggesting ways to enliven and experiment. Her ability to “see” how each item will affect others is amazing.  She was a calming, confidence-inspiring presence during a turbulent time. L Perkins


JAN 2005

"The bathroom was transformed into a garden room, with hanging pots of ivy visible from the front door. The condo was sold within two weeks!"    J. Sobel



APRIL 2008

"Sarah was very prompt with her initial visit. She recommended changes in our living room furniture placement which made a lot of sense and changed the character and focus of the room. She presented us with many paint, wallcover, upholstering and carpet samples and options -- many of which we liked and went forward with and some of which did not appeal to us (which is to be expected in providing a range of options). . We are very pleased with our experience with Sarah and look forward to working with her in the future."   M. Housel


JUNE 2008

We hired Sarah Krieger to help us get unstuck with redecorating our living and dining room.. She offered a variety of ideas and options, and presented us with a written summary of the decisions we’d come up with over the 3+ hours of brainstorming. Sarah helped us figure out what it was we were trying to do and how to get there. She didn’t try to impose any of her own agenda or add things that weren’t in line with our emerging thoughts. By coming up with ideas that complimented what we already had, Sarah was able to show us how different sized furniture, different colors and textures, and new arrangements might fit our needs. It was a real relief to finally have a good plan that my wife and I were happy about. I would definitely hire Sarah again if we ever needed this type of help again.   M Bradford


SEPT 2007

Sarah is a delight and so talented. Her sense of what is right is phenomenal. Sarah never imposes her ideas on you and has a nice way of suggesting alternatives when your choice really isn't right. Now I just look at her and say, 'Sarah, what do you think I should do?' I trust her and her taste so very much. I have no idea of what Sarah's taste really is because she so incorporates yours into her thinking it's as if she's channeling you. Hire her."     A. Thomas

DEC  2008

"I liked that she charged by the hour and was not affiliated with any particular furniture company." J. Montaque

SEPT 2007

"She listened to my feedback on her ideas and did not dwell on ones I disagreed with or try to make me change my taste.  Her visit nudged me loose from a decorating paralysis and I'm finally making my place look nice." 

M. Stowe

 NOV 2006

Our experience with Sarah was nothing short of perfect and pleasant. She had a great eye for our style and preferences, and offered options not edicts. She seemed to be able to adapt to a variety of clients likes and dislikes. Sarah was especially helpful with a flooring selection, which we had spent four prior months working on--she walked into our home, and ten minutes later Sarah offered the perfect solution (which I might add, multiple flooring specialists had not thought of) We believe that by working with Sarah we gained a level of creativity and expertise that we did not have, and saved a lot of money, by eliminating the time that we were wasting on our own."   B. Wendell

 AUG 2008

I was about to move into a deceased relatives abandoned house, which was dilapidated but has abundant space. At the time, I was renting in a relatively small apartment, and I was utterly clueless about how to put this new resource to best use. Which furniture should I keep (which of mine and which of my late relatives)? How should I arrange and rearrange furniture? These basic decisions had to be made, and the move date was fast approaching. As I have no aptitude for interior decorating, I knew it was time to call in the cavalry.
Sarah and I exchanged emails before we made an appointment, so I knew what to expect. She spent several hours with me, going from room to room, making measurements and writing notes. As we talked, I became dizzy with the possibilities she was discovering in my new home. I was afraid I was going to suffer information overload, but then she presented me with a binder of the notes she had taken. I look forward to working with her as my home takes shape under her guidance. W. Mulken


FEB 2009

 Sarah is a pleasure to work with. Her job, as she sees it, is to help her clients express their own taste and be comfortable in their home, rather than to impose any “vision” of her own.  She charges a set fee rather than taking a percentage of any of the items you might buy (as most decorators do), so you always know what you are paying for and there are no hidden costs.  She is patient, respectful, hardworking, and very good at what she does. I recommend her highly.  A Stafford